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The Division Incursion Update Won’t Have Incursion Rank, New Details Shared

The Division Incursion update will be releasing April 12, according to Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment, and will be bringing a large amount of new content with it. The free expansion will bring new gear, new weapons, new mechanics, and a new mission type: the Incursion, which is The Division’s version of raids.

This raid, “Falcon Lost,” will focus on a four-man team of Division agents attempting to take back a water treatment plant from the Last Man Battalion, one of the enemy factions in the game made up of ex-soldiers and private military contractors. At least one part of the raid will require you to take down an LMB armored personnel carrier, which is sure to prove a challenge given that the game has no rocket launchers (though you may be able to take it out with skillful use of C4).

The update will also include special loot that will only be available in the Incursion itself, and the Dark Zone. You will also get new gear and new blueprints from vendors, both at the headquarters area and within the Dark Zone. The Dark Zone will also have new high-level gear drops, which will drop in a random Dark Zone location every hour.

The new gear sets available in the Division Incursion update cater to every type of playstyle. Do you like to stay in the Dark Zone, working alone with no support? Try the Path of the Nomad set. Do you like to be up-close-and-personal? Go for the Strikers Battlegear. What about if you’re a support character? Go for Technician’s Authority. And finally, if you’re a long-range marksman, you can go for the Sentry’s Call set.

Each of these outfits give a bonus if you’re wearing every piece, which may be key to survival while you’re running Falcon Lost with your buddies.