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More The Division Gear Sets Coming Your Way Post Update 1.1

If you liked the idea of The Division Gear Sets, they are not going to end with the four you got in update 1.1. Ubisoft has confirmed that they are definitely going to release more Gear Sets to the game apart from those we got in the last update.

Matthias Karlson, the lead game designer for The Division at Ubisoft has not only confirmed that there will be another shipment but also that the development team is “going to keep adding them” – with out giving us an end point.

The Division Gear Sets Will Keep Coming

Ubisoft holds regular podcasts to update the fanbase about the future of the game, and in one of the latest episodes, Karlson has revealed the developers’ plans.

For those who are unaware, the collected gear sets are there to give you an added talent or perk for a specific class; just like the ones coming with update 1.1 are related to marksman, tank or assault builds.

However, Karlson assures the fans that whether you are talking about player vs enemy or player vs player, The Division Gear Sets will in no case going to be overly powered.

The point being that they do not want to hurt the game’s balancing with these power-ups:

We try as best as we can to make sure that all of the mechanics, all the stats, the skills, the gear talents, the future gear sets, that they work in both PvE and PvP. That there’s no inherent built-in imbalance.

Are you going to try out The Division Gear Sets this time or in the future?