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Bungie Creative Lead Leaves the Company After 13 Years

Bungie, the studio behind Destiny, has just lost its creative lead of 13 years. CJ Cowan has left after announcing his departure on Social Media. He didn’t mention why he left the company or what does he plan on doing next.

Bungie Creative Lead Cowen was long time veteran of Bungie who worked on Halo series and then Destiny. He was behind Halo 2, Halo ODST and Halo: Reach and lead the creative team on Destiny.

He was responsible for Destiny’s story but it looks like Mass Effect Andromeda writer will be taking over. Chris Schlerf recently announced that he is joining Bungie, so we can expect a better storyline for Destiny 2.

Schlerf has plenty of experience of working on Sci-Fi games like Destiny. Before moving to Bioware to work on Mass Effect, he was a part of Halo 4’s development team at 343 Industries.

Destiny 2 is scheduled to arrive in 2017 but before that Bungie is planning to release a major expansion sometime later this year.

Cowan isn’t quitting the industry so we expect him to share his future plans. Lets see where he lands but whereever he does, he will be beneficial for the company and its projects.