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Total War Warhammer Monsters Vargheists and Terrorgheists Shown in Videos

When it Total War Warhammer releases on May 24, it is going to be one of the prominent additions to our list of turn-based strategy and and real time tactics games. However, even the Total War Warhammer Monsters that Creative Assembly has made for us are a class apart.

The developers have shared two videos showing off the beasts separately. There is one video right below that shows you the Vargheists who, among the Vampire Counts’ monsters are “the purest darkness of a Vampire‚Äôs soul made manifest” and the “stuff of nightmares.”

Towering winged beasts, each several times the size of a man, they can be deployed with devastating effect from above to rip battle lines to pieces.

Moving on, we have got the Terrorgheists, which are the most lethal among the flying units of the Vampire Counts’ monsters.

This enormous bat-like monster of fang and talon, induces abject terror in all but the most steadfast. It has poisonous attacks that weakens its prey, readying them for slaughter and can even regenerate when wounded.

These two of the Total War Warhammer Monsters surely are going to make you turn in sleep when you are done with a good gaming session.

However, you still have a month and a half until the release of Creative Assembly’s latest, which means you should be well prepared for them when they are unleashed onto PC.