Dark Souls 3 Gameplay with the Stars of Silicon Valley

Dark Souls 3 is released next week in the West after what seems like an eternity, thanks to its previous release in Japan already. The stars of Silicon Valley have already had a chance to play it though and have recorded plenty of Dark Souls 3 gameplay for everyone’s pleasure.

This perhaps goes without saying but if you are looking to head into Lothric completely blind then be mindful of spoilers thanks to the generous amounts of Dark Souls 3 gameplay involved:

The two stars involved are T.J. Miller who portrays Erlich Bachman in Silicon Valley and Kumail Nanjiani who plays Dinesh Chutgai. The two actors claim at the beginning of the video that they don’t play video games much, so jumping in to a game like Dark Souls 3 is bound to cause plenty of deaths but also plenty of laughs. The guys sit down with Bandai Namco Community Manager J. Kartje to fight their way through the opening section of the game. The two of them even rack up an impressive death count which I won’t spoil by telling you the final result but as you can imagine, it’s a lot.

Towards the end of the Dark Souls 3 gameplay, Kartje himself takes on a boss that even he hasn’t beaten yet and it’s safe to say that the death count keeps on rising, even with a Bandai Namco employee handling the controller.

In case you don’t know, Silicon Valley is an American comedy shown on HBO set in the titular area of San Francisco Bay about six young men who found their own startup company with hilarious results. The show is very highly rated and is already three seasons in.

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