New Overwatch Tracer Pose is a Rip-Off of 1950 Art by Billy De Vorss

A couple of hours ago, Blizzard Entertainment revealed the new Overwatch Tracer pose after the old one was criticized by some of the fans for being a blatant butt shot that was out of character for The Tracer. However, it looks like the new one is going to be surrounded by an even bigger controversy since it looks like a rip off from a 1950’s artwork by an artist named Billy De Vorss.

When we saw the new pose we did find it more fun than the previous one but also a little out of place. Taking a good long look at it, we have been able to figure out that it is actually a direct copy of a pin-up art from the year 1950.

Overwatch Tracer Pose a Direct Copy of Billy De Vorss’ Art

In the image above, we have put both the pin-up poster from the 1950’s (on the right) and the new Tracer pose from Overwatch (on the left) side by side. You can see the uncanny resemblance between them, even the position of the hands, the placement of both the legs and the way her head is turned back are the same.

Interestingly, the only thing they changed was that in Tracer’s case you can still see her butt, oh the irony.

Billy De Vorss was active primarily between the 1930’s and the 1950’s working with pastels and oil on things like graced muotscope cards, prints, calendars, fans, postcards, even punchboard games (according to the American Art Archives). Among magazine covers, he even made some for the sensational Robert Harrison’s Cheesecake magazines.

The point here is that we were certainly expecting much better than this from Blizzard Entertainment. The two images are so similar that it would be absurd to say it was a coincidence.

We have reached out to Blizzard Entertainment for a word on the new Overwatch Tracer pose controversy, and will update you as soon as they respond.