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New Tracer Pose in Overwatch is Up; Still Shows Her Butt

Remember how Blizzard Entertainment had (in the opinion of some of the fans) caved in to the complaints against the old Tracer pose in Overwatch saying that it was nothing but a butt shot? The developers have now changed her victory pose, but guess what, the new Tracer pose in Overwatch still shows her butt.

We have added the new pose below so that you can see it yourself and make up your mind about it.

While there are definitely going to be some fans who say that this one does fall more in line with her personality, others are arguing that it still shows her rear perched out a little and that she is still looking over her shoulder in order to show her face to us.

The new Tracer pose in Overwatch is surely more fun.

There is another thing too, some really smart-eyed fans have also found a major similarity between the pose and an old pinup poster which you can see below. The similarity is so uncanny that it actually feels like Blizzard Entertainment is either paying homage to it or copying it.

Tracer Pose in Overwatch

In all honesty, this is an even better shot of her butt, but that depends on how you see it.

Tracer is a fun character and one of the more popular ones too, which is probably one of the reason why the whole thing has gotten such coverage in the news.

It would have simply been another tweak had the complainants not been so vocal about it and had the developers not given it value by responding to the matter themselves.

Anyhow, do you like the new Tracer pose in Overwatch or the old one?