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Is The New Nintendo Controller Going to Be a Projector Device Too?

In the recent past a number of new Nintendo based patents have come to the light and the latest is for a rather peculiar device that can work not only as the new Nintendo controller but also a projector and more.

The patent in question was originally filed back in 2014 but the Japanese patents office has published it on April 4, 2016.

New Nintendo Controller to be a Projector Too?

Nintendo has filed the patent for an “Information processing system, information processing program, information processing method and imaging device” with the Japan Patent Office.

This device will have the ability to also detect three dimensional movement which it does with the help of mirrors and cameras. Here are some of the important highlights from the patent in question, do keep in mind that they are referring to other points:

  • It is an information processing program run by computer of an information processing system provided with a mirror which opposes to a camera and the aforementioned camera and is installed.
  • A light source – and A projector device which opposes to the aforementioned light source.
  • A wide angle camera which can photo 360 degree of the circumference.
  • The information processing system 10 can also be used as a controller by using the operating part 240 of the resin which does not have electronic composition

New Nintendo Controller Projector Amiibo Patent

We are not sure what exactly will this be used for, whether it will be something that is going to be included in the Nintendo NX or not; but it does look like a rather complicated device that in more than just the new Nintendo controller.