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Hand of Fate 2 Confirmed; Purely Based on Feedback

Defiant Development’s Hand of Fate was a critically acclaimed small banner game that came out to all the major platforms back in early 2015, if you liked it, we are happy to let you know that Hand of Fate 2 has been confirmed by the developers!

Whether they name it with a number or not is still unknown, but the Creative Director and Founder of Defiant Development, Morgan Jaffit, has revealed in a recent discussion that a sequel to the action RPG is currently in development.

Hand of Fate 2 Confirmed by Defiant Development

Jaffit says that the development team has given primary importance to the feedback that they had received with the original Hand of Fate and that they are building the new game based on it.

What we’ve done now is we’ve taken all of the feedback that we’ve gotten along the way, good, bad and ugly, and rolled that in and we’re starting work on a sequel, so that’s where most of our focus is now.

While some more content is going to be released to Hand of Fate itself as well, the things that Defiant Development really has set its mind on can only be delivered in a sequel.

We’ve got some patches and drops still coming for Hand of Fate but no big substantial bit of content and part of that is because the stuff we wanted to do we could only do justice to by reaching in and building it out for a sequel.

WE are expecting Hand of Fate 2 to come out on PS4, Xbox One and PC just like its predecessor. However, no clear release date is in the sights so far.

Thanks, SixMonthsLaterGaming.