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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Episodes Could Be 30-hour Long Each

Ever since the announcement of Final Fantasy 7 Remake episodes, many fans have been skeptical about the decision.

However, we may now know that the Final Fantasy 7 remake episodes will be divided up into three chunks, each one totaling around 30 hours.

That totals up to around 90 hours in total, and for reference, a Completionist run of the game is around 90 to 95 hours on average according to How Long To Beat, a website specifically designed for that sort of question.

This gives gamers that want to buy the Final Fantasy 7 remake plenty of time to play through each of the Final Fantasy 7 remake episodes and do as much as they want, though for the moment we really only know the stopping points of one: The first episode will end with the party leaving the starting city of Midgar.

The Final Fantasy 7 remake was officially announced at Sony’s E3 conference last year, though there had been rumors about it for years about a remastered version coming out soon (to the point where it was even announced at the 2014 Sony E3 conference).

So far, though, we don’t have any kind of release date for the game or any of its constituent episodes. We haven’t seen any gameplay for it, seen any brand-new character models (aside from the ones that were part of the pre-rendered E3 2015 trailer) or anything else like it. So, like many things eagerly-awaited this year, we’ll probably have to wait until E3 2016 in order to get any meaningful information out of Square Enix.

With what might be two different Final Fantasy games coming out in the same year, Square Enix and Playstation stand to make a tidy profit off of the franchise, even counting on the fact that Final Fantasy 15 is going to be available on the Xbox One too.