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Entire Street Fighter V Frame Data, Hitboxes, BnB Combos in One Place

If you are a hardcore fan of fighting games you would know that they are much more than just button mashing. Strategizing is also a key element in Street Fighter V which is why it is important to know your characters. This is where the Street Fighter V Frame Data comes in.

This is everything you need to know about the character you want to play, and the spreadsheet file we are sharing with you has all of them, even Alex.

Now we are not saying that knowing all these details can guarantee your win, but obviously, knowing your game is they key towards that.

In the Street Fighter V Frame Data spreadsheet that is available on Google Docs, you will be able to look into a total of 65 different moves for each character alongside all the variables. Then you also get to see the hitboxes for each character, you will find them by scrolling right.

There also are the complete lists of combos and bnb attacks for the characters complete with the commands, effectiveness, damage dealt by each, and extra comments to fill you in on the character you want to learn.

This is, by far, one of the most efficient way of getting to know the game.

We have given the link to the Street Fighter V Frame Data above; check it out and you can thank us later.