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Delayed Quantum Break PC Copies can Get You a Refund

Remedy Entertainment’s newest game Quantum Break released yesterday to fairly positive reviews, but that hasn’t stopped Microsoft gamers from complaining about the Quantum Break PC version. Codes for that version of the game will be released over the next seven to ten days to gamers that pre-ordered Quantum Break on the Xbox One, for free.

The revelation that the supposedly Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break would be coming to PC was a very unpopular decision among many gamers, especially since the Xbox One has had a very small amount of truly exclusive games.

While it makes sense for there to be a Quantum Break PC version in order to promote sales of Microsoft’s Windows PCs and boost sales of games that are on both, part of the lack of Xbox One sales is because of this lack of exclusive games; much of the sales for the Playstation 4 can be counted due to the large number of highly anticipated, exclusive games available for it.

Amazon UK only added to the controversy in a more minor way when they said that they would not be able to ship Quantum Break console pre-orders with Alan Wake: American Nightmare, and instead replacing it with the inferior Kameo: Elements of Power.

Microsoft has announced that it will offer refunds for the Quantum Break PC version for Xbox gamers that are frustrated at not being able to play the PC and Xbox One versions of Quantum Break at the same time.

They might even have other reasons: It’s been noted that the Quantum Break PC version is a very bad port, with no quit option, bad framerates, which is especially galling considering the amount of space (44 gigs!) that it takes up on a computer.

If you’re one of the people that wants to get a refund for Quantum Break PC, you’ll have to contact Microsoft support in order to get one. It’s probably best that you do anyway, and save yourself the trouble of having to wrestle with the PC version.