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Uncharted 4 Length is Longest in Series; Most Locations Too

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End currently looks the best PS4 game ever in terms of visuals and if that is not enough reason to stop complaining about the multiple delays the game has had, Naughty Dog has also revealed that Uncharted 4 length is the longest in the entire series and that it also has the most varied of locations as well.

It looks like the developers have really managed to bring out a fruitful outcome of all the hard work and the wait.

Uncharted 4 Length The Longest in Series

The Creative Director at Naughty Dog, Neil Druckmann, says that they did not want to cut out parts of the story because that would hurt the pacing and the flow of the events too. As a result, we have the lengthiest Uncharted game at hand:

When we realized we weren’t going to hit 2015, it was sequences that were just coming online. There’s an option on the table to cut that sequence out and see if you can stitch the game together without it, but you risk hurting pacing and story when you do that. Everything we put in there we felt was necessary to tell the story. It’s very ambitious, it’s the longest Uncharted in the series, and the most varied as far as locations.

He goes on to say that being the last game in the series makes it special and that is why they “don’t want feel like there was a missed opportunity here.” They want to go “out on top with a bang.”

In the end, “this is the game [Naughty Dog] wanted to make;” that coupled with the Uncharted 4 length makes me forget how pissed I have been writing about all those delays.

Thanks, GameSpot.