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The Division Update 1.1 Patch Notes Detailed, Level 31 and 32 Blueprints and More

The Division update 1.1 will be released by Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment at some point next week, bringing a lot of brand new content to the table including level 31 and level 32 blueprints, adjustments to Phoenix Credits, and various tweaks to gear from the Dark Zone.

Players will also no longer need to be worried about the backpack glitches that would kick them out of the game and leave them unable to log back in when the update releases.

The Division update 1.1 will release level 31 and 32 blueprints to allow players to craft better gear. However, instead of being labelled as Level 31 and Level 32 blueprints, they will be part of the Gear Score system, the Light-like “post-levelling” system that will allow players to be stronger depending on the quality of the gear they’ve got.

Phoenix Credits will also be adjusted (again). Now, 1-3 credits will drop from Level 30 enemies, 2-4 credits will drop from Level 31 enemies, and 3-5 credits will drop from Level 32 enemies.

Players will also now find it easier to get gear in the Dark Zone, The Division’s PVP area. Rank 30 and Rank 50 gear will now be reduced to Rank 15 and Rank 25/40, respectively. Rank 30 gear will be Rank 25, while level 31 gear will be Rank 40.

When the patch releases next week, players that are above Gear Score 160 will be tossed into a new Dark Zone bracket, where only they will be with players on their own skill level.

Players will also, finally, be able to report hackers and cheaters in the game on PC. All PC players will have to do is type “/report NAME” in the chat bar, and action will be taken through manual review (but only after a sufficient number of reports for the same person.)

The Division update 1.1 will also allow players to now begin to play through Incursions, The Division’s version of raids.

You can all look forward to playing The Division’s newest version some time next week. For full patch notes, you can read up here.