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Quantum Break PC Version Has no Quit Option; Drops FPS Below 30

Quantum Break PC version and Xbox One version have both released today and we are already having fun playing it at our workplace. However, not everything is perfect in the Windows build of the game.

Remedy Entertainment, for some reason, decided it was fine iff to ship the game without giving the users an option to quit the game through the menu.

This means that the only option a PC gamer has is to close thee window with the Alt+F4 command or hit the Windows button i.e. unconventional means.

Not only that, apparently the PC version is not very stable. Some of the players who have played the game and given the first impressions reveal that it is falling well below the expected frame rates.

One user even goes on to say that although he is playing the game at low settings and on a GTX 980, the Windows 10 version is going below 30FPS!

There are other impressions suggesting that the PC version is just a little good looking as compared to the Xbox One version but that is it.

As far as the lack of quit button is concerned, we are sharing with you the menu screen where usually an option would be provided but Remedy Entertainment probably forgot to.

Quantum Break PC version

Also, here are some of the earliest impressions.

Quantum Break PC version

One good thing about the game is that it has not been downgraded and even looks better than the 2013 reveal. The first review that broke the embargo suggested that it was an 8.5/10 game although there are a large number of reviewers who have disagreed with that.

However, the aforementioned issues surely need a well prepared game update as well as a driver update if the Quantum Break PC version is to get better.