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Is Mighty No. 9 Being Delayed Yet Again? Radio Silence at Deep Silver

The last time we talked about Mighty No. 9 was when Best Buy suggested that the game will release on May 31, but we all know that could have been just a placeholder. The developers have only spoken up about the game when they were announcing the last delay.

It is funny how we are talking about a game’s delays as if there is a series of them, but for this Deep Silver title this is true. The last time they delayed the game in January saying that there were major matchmaking issues they still needed to fix.

Ever since then, there has been radio silence from the developers although they had promised that the new release date of the game will “realistically be in Spring 2016.” Now March, April and May are generally regarded as spring months and we are already down to the second month.

While Keiji Inafune had assured us there will be no more delays in the game’s release and even shared gameplay videos from the demo.

Now the problem is that the developers have stopped talking to the fans almost completely. If they were actually planning a spring release, it should be this month or the next and if they were really on schedule, the release date announcement should have come now.

If not, at least they should have been updating the backers but all they are saying is that they have no comments to make at the moment. They are not active on Kickstarter, the are silent on the game’s Facebook page as well and this is the only tweet they have made on the game’s Twitter ever since it was delayed:

This is growing the fear that the development of Mighty No. 9 might still be a mess that needs to be sorted and for that, Deep Silver might delay the game once more.