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League of Legends Online Tournaments Prizing Shut Down by Riot

Riot Games, the developers of League of Legends, will be changing their Event Finder Tool to be more focused on finding live events instead of League of Legends online tournaments.

The change comes with the realization in Riot that the Event Finder was barely being used for its original purpose-helping League fans find live events-and and was being used more to set up prizes and online tournaments.

Many of you are doubtless thinking “event finder…what the heck is that?” Well, that’s part of what we’re trying to address. We created the tool years ago with the goal of helping players meet up for live events as well as giving them a workable way to organize and obtain prize support for online tournaments. Unfortunately, the tool hasn’t scaled well over the years – it’s only very sparingly used for live events, and the online prizing support feature is almost equally unknown while being heavily and repeatedly used by an extremely small minority of players (less than 1% of the NA player base).

The update, which will hit on May 4, will alter the tool to focus much more on live events, while winding down League of Legends online tournaments. The change is also only happening, for the moment, in North America, rather than around the world.

Riot blames itself for the lack of live support, as they had not communicated the app’s original purpose very well. The announcement about the changes to the event tool is being made in order for people that rely on it for online tournaments to be able to prepare for the change.

The change has not gone over well on the League of Legends subreddit or on the official League of Legends forums. As most League of Legends players play online rather than live, this could devastate the tourney scene as a whole.