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EA Takes Down Donald Trump Video That Stole Mass Effect 2 Content

A new Donald Trump video surfaced online recently and was shared a variety of Trump fans as well as the presidential candidate himself on his Twitter. However, the video was a very, very poor rip off of good old Mass Effect 2; EA has reacted.

The video in question used dialogues said in the game by the Illusive Man (played by Martin Sheen) where he is referring to the world at war and tried to relate things like “No one wants to admit it, but humanity is under attack. One very specific man might be the only thing that stands between humanity and the greatest threat of our brief existence,” to Donald Trump.

Not only that, the person who made the video even used some music from the game and titled it Trump Effect with images and video clips from nowadays trying and failing hard to make point that (God forbid) Trump was today’s Illusive Man.

Naturally, Electronic Arts reacted to it and under copyright infringement laws, forced YouTube to take down the video. Since the Donald Trump video was also shared by Trump’s Twitter, EA even forced them to take the video down from there.

However, the best reaction to the whole thing came from a Mass Effect 2 developer named Manveer Heir who is also the gameplay designer for Andromeda.

He made a series of interesting tweets on the topic calling it a “gross” form of “campaign propaganda” and saying things like “the Trump Effect was flaccid and floppy all along” and “Trump is indoctrinated, that makes so much damn sense. THE REAPERS ARE REAL” Here’s one of the good ones:

I love the idea that Trump may think he’s the Illusive Man, who is verifiably the bad guy in the game.

Oh and by the way, Mass Effect 2 was pro LGBT.