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Production of Nintendo DS Carts Being Discontinued As Well!

We reported to you a couple of days ago that the Nintendo DSi Shop was being shut down in one year’s time, as announced by Nintendo. But now it looks like they are really giving the axe to the platform as apparently, Nintendo DS carts are also being discontinued.

Unlike the word about Nintendo DSi shop’s closure, this one did not come from the official sources rather a video game retailer named Video Games Plus.

For those who do not know, Video Games Plus is one of the video games retailers that operate in Canada; they have their headquarters in Toronto, Ontario.

Nintendo DS Carts Discontinued

The retailer took to their Twitter account saying that Nintendo DS carts were being discontinued officially by Nintendo but that the retailer had some of them in stock.

Since sale of digital games is already enroute to be discontinued, and now the production of physical games could also be discontinued, the message is pretty clear. Nintendo wants to move on from the good old handheld so that more space can be made for new ones.

Of course this does not come as surprise since the handheld has been out there for a little longer than the expected life of a platform too. However, there are tons of gamers who acctively use it.

That being said, maybe this year really is going to usher in a new era as AMD’s earnings call has suggested about Nintendo NX and PlayStation 4K.