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A Playstation Plus Survey Shows 70% Drop in Customer Satisfaction

Playstation may be scrambling to do some kind of damage control after it was revealed in a Playstation Plus survey that the service’s satisfaction rate had fallen over 70% over the past few years.

The rating is now 23.1% satisfied, compared to over 95% satisfied in 2012.

The survey attracted 3,923 responses, which was more than the Playstation 4 subreddit had gotten on its final Game of the Year poll by a significant margin. It was stuck to the top of the Playstation 4, Playstation Vita, Playstation 3, and Playstation Plus subreddits for two days.

However, the Playstation Plus survey results are exclusively from Reddit users that frequented those subreddits, so you can take it with a grain of salt if you want to. Other Redditors had their own opinions on the survey, from talking about how the survey didn’t really have a good reference pool (one even went so far as to say a lot of Redditors might have just taken it to flood the results with bad ratings) to explaining how they still like the service.

If I can give my two cents on this. I have been a playstation fan all my life. I personally am satisfied with my experiences on PSN.
I understand why sony made PSN a subscription service. Running a service like psn isn’t cheap. I personally am only using PS+ to play gta online since I was unimpressed with the mutiplayer titles released this year.
My only complaints about PSN are the following
They have been giving out nothing but indie games out for free PS+ games for the last few months and I personally don’t like indie games. If free games are part of the deal then give me something worthwhile.
In the US the playstation store updates with new content around 6-7pm eastern standard time which really annoys me. If a piece of dlc is coming out most times i have to wait until the store updates. I wish the store updated earlier in the day.

Some other Redditors cited a lack of any good AAA games on the PS Plus’s monthly free game selection as the reason for their dissatisfaction. Most of the games that come up it nowadays are merely indie games like Super Meat Boy, Broken Age, and BroForce.

However, until an actual, more unbiased reference pool is used, we can’t really know exactly how well PS Plus is doing after almost 6 years of existence.