Overwatch Animated Short Alive Pits Tracer Against Widowmaker

A new Overwatch Animated Short called Alive was released by Blizzard Entertainment recently where they take us to the dystopian futuristic world of robots and humans living together.

In the animated short (embedded above) you can see The Tracer and Widowmaker, two of the main characters of the game, going up against each other complete with their special powers and more.

Not only that, you also see their sides of the story that let you get acquainted with the two characters as The Tracer tries to stop the assassination that Widowmaker wants bad.

On a side note, I am not really sure how those guys will like what they see at the 5:35 mark in the video above who were against the recently removed victory pose of The Tracer saying that it was nothing more than a butt shot.

This Overwatch Animated Short is a part of a long list of other shorts, comics and graphic novels that Blizzard Entertainment wants to release for Overwatch.