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New Jersey Woman Stabs Boyfriend Over Xbox Dispute, Pleads Not Guilty

In May of 2015, a NEW Jersey resident named Aisha Barr stabbed her 26-year old Boyfriend over a Xbox dispute. Bar has pleaded not guilty to reckless manslaughter and weapons charges.

Barr stabbed her Boyfriend Christopher Greene at their Newark home last year. The couple was arguing over Xbox and the dispute turned violent. Authorities say that 29-year-old Bar grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed Greene in the chest.

Greene was rushed to the hospital but he passed away shortly after.

Alisha Barr has pleaded not guilty  to all charges but remains in prison for $250,000 bail. She will head back to court next month for another hearing.

This is a developing story so we’ll let you know as soon as more updates arrive.

Source: FoxNews