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Need for Final Fantasy XV Sequel was Catered with Kingsglaive and Brotherhood

Square Enix did not want to divide the story of Final Fantasy XV into two games, and although there would be many among us who would have liked the idea of a Final Fantasy XV sequel, a complete experience is what others want.

However, the game itself does not give you that and it has been revealed by the developers that they basically added the anime and the movie to the universe so that they will not have to develop the sequel as well.

Hajime Tabata, the game director recently shed light on how they have decided to spread out the story of Final Fantasy XV among the game, the anime and the movie.

He was sitting alongside the game’s cinematics director when he revealed that the idea of using multimedia content like the Kingsglaive movie and the Brotherhood anime “evolved over time” but it was already in his mind in some form and capacity.

Kingsglaive and Brotherhood Were Added to Avoid Final Fantasy XV Sequel

The game’s cinematics director, Takeshi Nozue says that Kingsglaive was actually created so that the developers will not have to do a Final Fantasy XV sequel. They wanted the game and the multimedia to give you a complete experience, with nothing missing from it.

The initial starting point [for Kingsglaive] was when we had the idea to really complete Final Fantasy XV within one installment, and restructure everything and optimize it so it would be a story that’s told within that one installment.

We really focused on Final Fantasy XV’s main game being from Noctis’ perspective, about his kingdom and taking it back, and his growth as a king. When we had that discussion, we felt that it would be best to separate out the story of Regis and make it its own independent piece.

Would you have preferred a Final Fantasy XV sequel over Kingsglaive and Brotherhood?

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