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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Combat Detailed Including Focus and Attack Types

While you wait for Faith to return with the next Mirror’s Edge game, how about we take a good long look at what the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst combat system feels like? Developer EA DICE has outlined some and detailed other aspects of how our protagonist fights.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Combat System Detailed

For starters there are two types of attacks namely the light attack and the heavy attack. Developers say that the light attack is “not about ending a conflict there and then” but a way to go past an enemy as quickly as possible. Sort of an attack you would use just to hurt them a little so that you can get away from them.

However, the heavy attack on the other hand will “force your enemies off balance” because they will be powered by your momentum. This helps make then disoriented and hence prone to damage.

Moving on, we have got Focus, which is basically your shielding power against enemy attacks. DICE says this is a core feature that uses your movement to put Faith in a state where the enemies are unable to hit her. She is almost invisible wt Focus:

Focus is a state where Faith can’t be hit by enemies. It is earned through maintaining movement and is a core feature of Faith and how she interacts with the world. As Faith runs, she focuses and let things drift away behind her. Faith is just not somebody who runs, she runs over every obstacle and deals with a complex rooftop landscape, using extreme parkour skills to reach her goal. If Faith gets hit in this Focus mode, she loses Focus and not Stamina. She becomes almost invisible, as enemies are not use to seeing, or dealing with, that kind of speed.

They have also discussed things like third person perspective takedown, the amount of damage Faith can take, the new Shift move and the Disruptor. Go here for more.

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hHow do you find the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst combat system?