Leaked Uncharted 4 Screenshots Reveal Best PS4 Visuals So Far!

After the last delay, Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End made it back to the news when the game’s trailer was being shown with Batman vs Superman movie in the theatres. The developers have been really putting a lot of efforts into making it worth the while and these leaked Uncharted 4 screenshots seem to confirm that.

A couple of hours ago a preview of the game was published online by our folks at the Italian gaming website Spaziogames, but it had to be taken down soon after that. The reason was that in publishing the preview, they had also broken the embargo.

However, there were some previously unseen images in there which showed off the latest build of the game.

In all honesty, those Uncharted 4 screenshots make us feel like it is probably going to be the most visually advanced game release for the PlayStation 4.

We have got seven new (previously unseen) screenshots in the gallery below. They mostly show off our protagonist Nathan Drake taking on enemies but there is at least one thing prominent in all of them. If you check out below, he does seem to be either falling or jumping in the air for the most part.

Does this show the greater importance of that in the gameplay?

Of course we will have to wait until the release date of the game in order to be fully sure whether these Uncharted 4 screenshots are a true representation of the in-game quality or not.

That being said, Naughty Dog is going to release Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End on May 10.

In parallel news, Naughty Dog had released The Making of Uncharted 5 Part 5 a couple of days ago and it was definitely worth a watch with all those emotional elements the developers have put into it. Or you could just watch Drake’s final moments here.