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Final Fantasy XV Frame Rate Will be Better on Release; High-End PC Version Discussed

Kingsglaive and Brotherhood might have replaced the chances of a Final Fantasy XV sequel, but a PC version of the game is still possible and was even discussed by Square Enix recently alongside the Final Fantasy XV frame rate issue.

Final Fantasy XV Frame Rate to Get Better

It was never guaranteed that the game will have 1080p at 60FPS, but recently, a number of fans have shown concern about the less than expected FPS.

As a result, Hajime Tabata has spoken up and promised that there will be improvement in the frame rates. He says that while the Platinum Demo uses a dynamic resolution, they are working to optimize the FPS achieved by the final build of the full game.

He also stated that PS4 and Xbox One versions are a close match when running the demo but as we draw closer to the release and optimizations are held, this could change; hinting that the PS4 version will take lead even more.

Regardless of the level of improvement, I guess we can be certain they will fix it to some extent.

As far as the PC version of the game is concerned, a GameStop ad mentioned its existence which was followed by a reveal that the Platinum Demo at the Uncovered event was running on a PC. Back in August last year the developers had said they will discuss the PC version after consoles.

Now, it looks like the officials are again ready to start discussing the possibility as the official Twitter profile of the game recently clarified that they are using DirectX 11 technology only for the consoles and that a “higher spec” PC version could be looked at soon.

We are sure that Final Fantasy XV frame rate will not be an issue on the PC version at least.