Battlefield 4 CTE Gets one Last Patch After Shut Down

Back in 2015, DICE and EA unveiled the Battlefield 4 CTE, or “Community Test Environment.” The CTE was created to take advantage of the players and their comments about the game maps, and allow them to be able to test out DICE’s new ideas before they were released to the wider public.

A few weeks ago DICE shut the CTE down, but today they released one last patch for it.

The shutdown of the Battlefield 4 CTE means the end of new content for Battlefield 4 in general, which means that what the environment was working on at the time, which included two night maps: Golmud Railway, and a night version of Siege of Shanghai.

These were being tested in the CTE alongside another map, Zavod Graveyard Shift, but unlike Zavod they were never released.

The maps had already won praise for the environments and explosion effects that had been in them, including a massive moon over the Zavod map and how well the game’s visuals worked with all three.

Unfortunately, it seems that now because of the CTE closing down Battlefield 4 players will never be able to see the maps for themselves.

The patch for the CTE was a 230 mb patch hat released all of the updates for the retail version of Battlefield 4 onto the CTE, making the two games pretty much identical. It won’t be much use now that CTE is being shut down, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

Battlefield 4 is still scheduled to get one more patch, according to DICE, but it’s only a hot-fix and we have no idea of what will be in it, or when it will come out.

Whether Battlefield 4 will continue to get new content updates is also something else to consider, and with the CTE now shut down, there’s no telling if any other patches will be coming out, either.