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5 Ways Metal Gear Solid Series Can Move Forward

Being a huge Metal Gear Solid fan, the very first thing that came to mind after ending MGSV, was Metal Gear Solid 6. The Phantom Pain answered a lot of questions but created some new ones that are enough to keep a MGS fan awake at night.

What happened to Quiet? Is Venom Snake, a man Big Boss trusted to carry his Phantom, also Grey Fox? Because Grey Fox was Big Boss’s most trusted lieutenant and we don’t know what exactly he did to earn BB’s trust.

Metal Gear Solid universe is huge and many story arcs are available to Konami. Which way they will go? And which way do we want them to go? Let’s discuss a few ways Konami can make Metal Gear Solid work.

1: Venom Snake is Grey Fox?

Before the release of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, I saw a video from YouTube user PythonSelkan. It theorized that Venom Snake is actually Grey Fox but since his theory was so out there, I refused to believe it. However, Kojima’s smokes and mirrors from MGS2 returned for MGSV and we came to know that V is actually a medic, a rusted soldier of Big Boss and not Big Boss himself.

The medic is someone we don’t know, his identity, where he is from and why did Big Boss saw him as “the best of” MSF (before it fell). Venom’s memories were erased, his past gone, Big Boss’s past was his along with BB’s memories, combat techniques, Venom was a true Phantom of Big Boss.

Raiden was presented as the new snake is Metal Gear Solid 2 but he later turned into his very own character. “Given the right situation and the right story, anyone can be turned into snake” – Ocelot.

Venom was also presented as the new Snake but he was denied the opportunity to turn into his own character, or was he? Is it possible that Venom’s body was recovered from Outer Heaven and later turned into a Cyborg Ninja we all know as Grey Fox?

Playing Big Boss’s Phantom, taking down Skull Face and Sahelanthropus is enough to earn Big Boss’s respect and trust; it is enough to become his most trusted lieutenant.

So is he Grey Fox? If so, Konami can definitely follow his story in the next Metal Gear game. A story of a Child Soldier from Mozambique becoming Grey Fox.

Check out this video from Python Selken that theorizes Venom as Grey Fox.


2: Raiden: From Human to Cyborg

Metal Gear Solid series is not great at answering questions but something that went criminally unexplained is the reasons behind Raiden choosing become a Cyborg Ninja. Raiden has appeared i a spin-off game called Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, however, that too failed to explained his appearance.

The next Metal Gear game can work with Raiden and his journey from human to Cyborg. Where has he been since the Big Shell incident? Did he choose to be a cyborg or was forced to? The next Metal Gear can answer these questions.

3: Liquid Snake – Never be Game Over

Liquid Snake, a clone of Big Boss, made an appearance in The Phantom Pain. He was also a part of a cut-out mission 51 where Venom was tasked with getting Sahelanthropus back from Liquid and his child soldiers in Africa.

Venom did manage to complete his mission but was forced to bomb the Island along with Liquid as he was infected with the English strain of the Vocal Cord parasite.

But Psycho Mantis saved Liquid and removed the parasite.

Liquid went back to the United States, I presume, but we don’t know where exactly has he been and what he did before Metal Gear Solid 1. Playing Liquid in the next Metal Gear sounds like a good idea.

4: The Boss and The Cobra Unit

The Boss was Naked Snake’s mentor who appeared in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. The Boss defected to the Soviet Union and Snake was assigned to kill his old mentor. But in reality, The Boss was working for the U.S the entire time but the GOVT. had to terminate her so that nothing ties back to them.

The Boss and her Cobra Unit was assassinated by Naked Snake aka Big Boss. However, before The Virtuous Mission, The Boss and Cobra unit were WWII veterans and participated in many Black Ops.

There is a lot of story content that can be explored if Metal Gear Solid 6 uses The Boss as lead.

5: Big Boss and Outer Heaven

While Venom Snake was busy running Diamond Dogs, killing Skull Face and his plans, Big Boss was creating a nation. An army, free from borders, Govt., and control – he called it Outer Heaven.

Venom and Big Boss are flip sides of a coin, we know what Venom did, but we need a detailed game to highlight Big Boss’s efforts to create Outer Heaven and command Foxhound. The next game can set up the Outer Heaven incident where Solid Snake faced Venom.

These were 5 ways we think the Next Metal Gear can work. Let us know what your opinions are in the comments below.