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Destiny April Update Includes Cool new Armor Sets, Check them Out

The Destiny April update from Bungie will be coming soon, bringing a sizable amount of new content with it, including weapons, armor, cosmetics, and missions.

In the aftermath of The Taken King, Oryx is slain and the Hive and Taken are in disarray across the Solar System. With the death of their god-king the Hive are easy prey for the Guardians and the Awoken in the Reef to strike back.

This allows Guardians to take new gear and weapons into account, and new challenges to get that new gear.

Bungie has raised the Light cap for the game, allowing Guardians to get more powerful armor and equipment to become even more powerful. These different sets of armor, all under the umbrella of Spektar, have a variety of new looks for each class of Guardian.

The armor has different variants also depending on which Faction you choose to pledge yourself to, with different looks for the Future War Cult, the New Monarchy, or Dead Orbit.

If you’re looking for a more evil-looking Guardian, the Destiny April update also includes the Desolate set, a suit of Taken-ized armor that will let you look like the black, twitching monstrosities that Oryx used to try and conquer the Solar System.

While you don’t have any of the abilities that the Taken do (sorry, no splitting into two), you can still look pretty intimidating.

Another cosmetic function that comes from the update is the addition of Chroma.

These are adjustable colored accents that you can use to add a little flash to your armor. They can be gotten from Sterling Treasures, which you can earn through the update’s new Level 41 Prison of Elders playlist, the Weekly Crucible Playlist, or at the Tower Postmaster after a weekly reset.

The update will also include a new Strike and a new Story Mission, as you fight a would-be Taken King named Malok. An old Strike, Winter’s Run, has also been updated with a Taken version, where you fight Taken enemies instead of the Fallen that you battled previously on Venus.