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What’s in Nintendo’s Miitomo That is Worth 3 Million Downloads in 24 Hours?

Well, there are a number of things about Miitomo, Nintendo’s first mobile app (I’ll call it an app because it is certainly not a game) that are noteworthy. The most notable, and the most recent being that it has already gone past three million downloads just in the first 24 hours.

So what exactly makes it worthy of that much attention?

Miitomo Crosses Three Million Downloads on Day One – No. 1 in US

We have seen, and figured, that it does not get everything right; for instance, the trailer Nintendo released to promote the game certainly did not get what the teens of today are about – or it at least it felt so.

However, that is not entirely the case with Miitomo itself. The “social messaging mobile app” has a variety of things that it boasts to stand out for.

For starters, it comes with a boatload of inherent respect for being the first experiment on Nintendo in the world of mobile, and grows on that to give you a unique experience of connecting with our friends and striking new conversations.

You start with the Mii, your avatar that can also be ported into the app alongside your Nintendo Account. You get to customize it down too the tiniest of details on the face as well as elsewhere and once you are done, you start answering questions.

And no, there is no nostalgia in this whatsoever – at least not in connection with the all famous presence of Nintendo in our childhoods, unlike what some of us thought.

So you get questions like “What’s the best thing about cats?” and “What’s your motto?” and so on, in public or exclusively with one of your friends on Miitomo. These questions have the potential of creating new discussions, healthy conversations and even debates on tons of topics.

At the core, this is a much more natural path towards connecting with your friends, even long lost ones that you might hook up with because you had one thing in common back in the days i.e. Nintendo.

Apart from the questions you get to add a number of friends which adds to the value of answering the questions in public and also earn rewards for completing these “missions.”

This is another point where things get interesting; for your in-game activities, you are getting your hands on coins that can be used through the new Nintendo Rewards program for discounted games!

So all in all, it is basically a wholesome environment, true to Nintendo’s standards when it comes to being open or secure (public or private), that is even addictive for being all that as well as approachable. The Miitomo app is free on iOS and Android.