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The Division Update to Bring New Gear Sets, HE Gear, Weapons, Free Camera

The first Incursion of The Division was thoroughly detailed by Ubisoft a couple of hours ago, but there is more to the The Division update that is going to bring it to us than just the Raid-lookalike.

When the update goes live on April 12, it will bring you a number of new things other than the incursion for free.

The Division Update Detailed – Übergriffe

To start off, the update in question is going to add four new special gear sets. These will be based on specific weapons and skill sets, and will activate exclusive talents when you touch the required gear level and meet the special objectives given.

Needless to say, there will also be new daily and weekly quests for the game where you can get rewards like crafting items whether you take them on as a team in PvE or the Dark Zone. Similarly, there will be new HE Gear and Named Weapons.

It will bring you new supply drops, guarded by a group of elites; you beat them before everyone else and you get to claim the drop there and then.

Moving on, the loot will be tradeable for the first two hours after the drop but not everywhere inside the Dark Zone – just the checkpoints.

Last but not the least, Ubisoft is adding spectator camera with the upcoming The Division update named Free Camera. This will essentially allow you to control the camera and/ or focus on other teammates after you are killed.

For those who do not know, the next update is going to go live on April 12 and bring you the first Incursion too.