Final Fantasy XV Must Sell 10 Million Copies For Success

Square Enix has high ambitions with Final Fantasy XV and it won’t be easy achieving its goal. According to director Hajime Tabata, Square Enix needs to sell at least 10 million copies of Final Fantasy XV for it to be called a success.

This indicate the scale of investment Final Fantasy XV has saw in the past decade. It a massive project and I think the investment may not have been that huge if Square Enix had not taken a decade to develop Final Fantasy XV. The game had been in development hell for years and it was only till 2012 that it was finally on the right path, saw creative changes.

Final Fantasy XV was originally called Final Fantasy Versus XIII before Hajime Tabata came aboard.

We know Square Enix hasn’t said anything concrete about a PC version but isn’t it better to invest a little more and release the game on the biggest platform in the world as well? They have a better chance of selling over 10 million copies of the game if the game is released across all major platforms.

GameStop was recently seen advertising the PC version of Final Fantasy XV, which is a good sign.

Final Fantasy XV release date was announced a couple of days ago. We will get to play the game on September 30 but a demo is now available on PlayStation Store and Xbox Marketplace that will you a taste of the final game.

Via: Kotaku