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DOOM Closed Beta Receives Criticism from PC Players Based on Performance

The DOOM closed beta commenced yesterday, March 31 for Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC.

However, the PC version seems to be dividing the opinions of players due to various technical issues.

Despite Bethesda claiming that the game will run at 60fps on every platform, it seems the PC version is seriously falling behind at times no matter what specification the PC in question has. On top of this the Field-of-View (FOV) slider is set at one point, therefore if players prefer a wider or more narrow camera width then they are currently stuck.

The advanced graphics options in the menu are available to view but are currently greyed out, meaning that you can’t adjust the settings to your preference. PC gamers in particular spend a lot of money on their machinery and are not happy if they are restricted in using them to their full capabilities.

It appears that there also seems to be some input lag when using a controller in the DOOM closed beta on PC, which is especially troublesome considering the fast-paced nature of DOOM means that split-second decisions and actions are even more important.

Of course, this is just a beta and many of these issues will presumably be ironed out by the time DOOM is released on May 13 2016. But if issues like this are persistent and wide-spread enough then word will soon spread by the time the game is released. Bethesda are not exactly perfect when it comes to bug-free releases, but hopefully id Software can turn it around.

Take a look at what options are available for customization in the DOOM closed beta, including for the weapons.

Plenty of trailers have been released for DOOM but the latest one titled ‘Fight Like Hell’ can be viewed here and is the only cinematic trailer so far.

Did you try out the beta? Do you agree with the criticism or are satisfied with the PC version? Share with us in the comments below.