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The Division Login Glitch Will be Fixed Soon

Last week, The Division Login Glitch was identified where players were unable to log back into the game after logging out.

While the vast majority of players for The Division are still able to log in, an unfortunate few have unfortunately been hit with the glitch. Bug reports on the Massive Entertainment forums quickly grew into a hundred-page long thread.

Causes for the The Division login glitch were debated about for a long time (including high-end gear, crafting items, and having an inventory that was too full) before Massive Entertainment appeared to come across the cause: weapon modifications.

This is the same notable glitch involving weapons in The Division from a week ago, where it was guessed that crafting High-End weapons from blueprints resulted in you being locked out of your account.

In an effort to keep others from falling victim to the glitch before the patch goes up, Massive Entertainment put out a short message for the other members of the Strategic Homeland Division:

“In the meantime, we would like to advise you not to attach mods on items you are not using.”

You heard them. Whether it’s armor or weapons it’s best that, if it’s not in your hands and on your body, you’d best not try and modify it. In fact, remove any mods you’ve got on them. You can always put them back on later.

It’s been shown that players of The Division have been modifying gear in order to maximize inventory space, so that may be easier said than done, unless The Division players have a way to store their excess items.

Patch 1.0.2 has already fixed (and broken) a number of other functions in The Division, so the The Division login glitch will hopefully be fixed soon in whatever patch Massive Entertainment is going to put out.