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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Map Editor Alpha Invites Releasing Today

After the reveal last week that the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 map editor modtools were actually a thing, the invites for the Closed Alpha are being sent out today.

With the date of April 1 being internationally recognised as a day for pranks, some fans were skeptical about the long-rumored feature, but Treyarch have confirmed that it is indeed not a joke.

The tweet comes from Cesar Stastny, the Director of Development at Treyarch, who previously revealed that it’s been eight years since they released a map editor to the public, as they let one free for Call of Duty: World at War.

Of course this is only the Alpha stage of the Black Ops 3 map editor, so the full release may be a little while off yet. The beta stage will of course come next where surely plenty of fan-made maps will be in circulation already before further tools are added.

The tools are of course limited to PC, but don’t expect any future modded games or maps to make their way to consoles are we will see with Fallout 4 later this year.

No specific dates have been released about when the modding will actually begin, or when we will enter a beta phase or a wider release. The fact this is even happening in a Call of Duty game is music to fans’ ears so patience should be expected over the next few weeks and months.

In other Black Ops 3 news, this weekend Activision are hosting a free trial of the Awakening DLC maps and Zombie mission to all PS4 owners. This will include four maps and runs from today until April 4 at 10am PT.