Beyond Good and Evil Trademark Filing Registered by Ubisoft

A new Beyond Good and Evil Trademark has been filed by Ubisoft. Beyond Good and Evil 2 was originally announced back in 2008, five years after the original’s release so this news will excite fans of a possible series return. It was back in 2012 that we last heard any updates about the game’s progress, and that wasn’t much to be honest.

However, Ubisoft have now sent off a Beyond Good and Evil Trademark filing for a new project simply named ‘Beyond Good and Evil’, which could refer to either a sequel or even a remake. The game’s creator Michel Ancel has repeatedly insisted that the game is in development but considering it’s been eight years now you would assume that they are well into development.

beyond good and evil

The image above is quite complicated but the important part is the ‘Nice Classification’ section, as this is what Ubisoft are actually filing their trademarks for. Class 9 is for game software, along with Class 41 which relates to the online component to game software, therefore leaderboards or multiplayer for example. The other classifications are slightly more vague as Class 16 refers to paper products; Class 25 refers to clothes, and Class 28 refers to games and playthings. These are all the sorts of things that companies file for in case of a successful franchise that may spread into further merchandise.

This Beyond Good and Evil trademark doesn’t mean the game will be coming out anytime soon of course (if at all), just that Ubisoft are protecting the identity. This sort of thing does happen all the time that we are not always privy to, but this news is at least a slight glimmer of hope in what has been eight years of anticipation.

If the game is in fact Beyond Good and Evil 2, recent reports claim that it could in fact be a Nintendo NX exclusive. Quite a kick in the teeth for all the fans that don’t have any interest in Nintendo’s latest console that itself doesn’t even have a release date as yet.