Total War: Warhammer Walkthrough Showcases the Vampire Counts

We’ve already seen the Dwarven Realms in action and now it’s time for the Vampire Counts to have their say with a new Total War: Warhammer walkthrough video.

The new campaign video shows off the Vampire Counts in-game and serves up a generous 8 minutes of game time, along with commentary. The video shows of various gameplay mechanics, technology and battlefield units of the gothic class, especially showcasing the Raise Dead mechanic and how its power increases as the corpse-count rises. This campaign walkthrough also introduces the Master Necromancer Heinrich Kemmler along with a few more powerful abilities in the Vampire Counts’ arsenal.

Check out the video below:

Total War: Warhammer is a mash-up of both the popular Total War series and the massive tabletop board game series Warhammer. Fans of both genres, of which there are plenty, will be keen to get their hands on the title that is unfortunately set to release later than originally planned on May 24 2016.

Developed by Creative Assembly and published by EA, Total War: Warhammer includes four playable factions. Along with the Vampire Counts and Dwarves, the player can also try their hand with the Greenskins and the Empire, all of which have their own unique abilites, units and skillsets. In the past, Total War games have focussed on historical events (such as the Roman Invasions) but this is the first step into a fantasy setting.

The game involves real-time tactics with turn-based combat and will be the tenth title in the Total War series. Creative Assembly most recently achieved incredible success with Alien: Isolation, a very different experience altogether than Total War but are looking to return to their popular series with a bang.

Check out the Total War: Warhammer walkthrough video for the Vampire Counts above and let us know what you think.