Quantum Break Review Embargo Has Been Broken; Sounds Decent

We told you exactly a fortnight ago that Remedy Entertainment was sending out the Quantum Break review copies to a number of reviewers while announcing that the game will be under review embargo until April 1, 2016. Now, it looks like the embargo has been broken a day early.

Quantum Break Review Embargo Broken

The Jimquisition, run by video game journalist Jim Sterling, took the step inadvertently because they have apparently taken down the review now.

However, as it is with everything that has once made it to the internet, there always is a way of keeping it there forever; this time it is a good old Google Cache copy of the review.

If you are interested in reading the Quantum Break review you can do so by hitting this.

A number of fans have had some reservations about the value for money that the game would put forth although there is no question in the fact that it is going to be a new enough experience for us to like it.

Apart from the first review of the game, here are some other things that might help you make up your mind about the game: the new preorder bonuses, the gameplay for the first one hour, and the game’s launch trailer.

As far as the aforementioned Quantum Break review is concerned, it puts the game high on the list of approval by calling it “a game about time that makes time to do things right” and gives it a Great 8.5/10.

Quantum Break is scheduled to release on April 5, 2016.

Thanks, The Jimquisition.