New Paragon Gameplay Video Highlights Sevarog

Paragon is the PC and PS4 exclusive title developed by Epic Games later this year. Today we have been treated to some new Paragon gameplay via the game’s official YouTube site and features intense action from using Sevarog.

Sevarog is a tank-style hero, soaking up damage from the opposition while dealing decent amounts of damage itself, a staple in the MOBA genre. He is one of the 14 free heroes that have been revealed, and his abilities include Phantom Rush, Siphon, Subjugate and Colossal Blow. The footage is taken from a PC in its alpha state, and portrays in-game action.

Paragon is currently available through Steam Early Access, and will be cross-network between PC and Playstation 4. The PS4 version will however only run at 900p, with an Xbox One version still a possibility as well. Epic Games did announce Fortnite many years ago, but insist that the game is in development but Paragon definitely comes first.

To summarize Paragon, it is a Mutiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game with two teams of five attempting to gain control of the opposition’s area and destroy their core. The ‘Founders Pack’ is currently available for $19.99 and includes admission to the Early Access as as well as several other bonuses. As well as competing against other players on different platforms, you can also save your progress on a PC and carry on your game with statistics intact on the Playstation 4, or vice versa.

There is currently only one map available for Paragon, Agora, that features the traditional MOBA layout of three lanes leading to the opponent’s core with a jungle sitting between the lanes.

Have you taken part in the Early Access portion of the game yet? If you have, let us know what you think of the game at this stage as well as your opinions on Sevarog in the Paragon Gameplay video in the comments below.