CGI Film Kingsglaive will be Prequel to Final Fantasy XV, as well as Anime Series

The Uncovered: Final Fantasy event in Los Angeles last night provided plenty of juicy information on the upcoming RPG from Square Enix. The release date was officially confirmed as September 30 2016, and we were treated to a lengthy new trailer showing off a new summon as well as the theme song ‘Stand by Me’.

However, a huge surprise to come out of the show was that the feature-length CGI film Kingsglaive starring Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad), Lena Headey (Game of Thrones, 300) and Sean Bean (Game of Thrones, The Martian) will serve as a prequel to the Final Fantasy XV game.

The Kingsglaive themselves are the King’s (Bean) army, battling the evil empire of Niflheim to protect a Crystal, as per the usual Final Fantasy lore. The movie’s plot sees Prince Noctis, the younger version of the game’s main protagonist, captured by Niflheim and Nyx (Paul) fighting for the very survival of the kingdom, also served by Princess Luna (Headey).

A trailer for the CGI film Kingsglaive was also revealed and can be checked out below:

There’s no release date for CGI Film Kingsglaive but we would assume that it would release before September 30 of this year all going well, seeing as it acts as a set-up for Final Fantasy XV’s storyline.

There will also be a five-episode anime mini-series titled ‘Final Fantasy XV: Brotherhood’, with the first episode already available to view via YouTube.

The story follows the four main characters from the game, Noctis, Ignis, Gladiolus and Prompto as they go about their travels as an inseparable foursome. ‘Brotherhood’ refers to their bond and togetherness as they aid Noctis in his quest.

The series will show their growth from childhood to adulthood, including many jovial moments as well as dangerous encounters with the sort of enemies we will encounter in the final game.