Hitman Episode 2 Arrives April 26, Titled ‘Sapienza’

Hitman Episode 2 will be set in Italy and arrives on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC on April 26. The episode is titled Sapienza and will feature a new target to take down in the shape of Silvio Caruso within a coastal Italian town.

The first episode included the prologue first available through the beta as well as the first mission set in Paris, all as part of the ‘Intro Pack’.

Sapienza will be the second of seven total episodes spread out across the rest of 2016, as this version of Hitman becomes the first episodic title in its history. Other locations Agent 47 will engage in will include Morocco, USA and Japan, all of which can be bought separately or included for free if you have previously bought Hitman: The Full Experience.

If you are waiting for the disc-based version of the game including all the episodes in one package, you will unfortunately have to wait until 2017.

Hitman has recently been having some issues with online saved games linking to offline saved games but it doesn’t look like a fix will be arriving any time soon.

The game got off to a rocky start with fans before it even released with the news that it would become episodic so Hitman hasn’t exactly got off to the best of starts. However with an open-world gameplay style and generally positive reviews IO Interactive shouldn’t have too much to worry about going forward.

With Hitman Episode 2 releasing next month, with a further five to follow after that it would seem that all the content should be available way before the end of the year.

With the content releasing so regularly, fans may be confused as to why IO Interactive didn’t just release the game as a full package this year anyway.

Economically it may work out for them, but the game needs to be a real hit for the developers to have further success with this model in the future.