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Here’s What Gears of War 4 Swarm Drone Looks Like; Plus More Images

The Coalition is holding the Gears of War 4 Multiplayer Beta Tour and in light of that, they have upped the game a few notches by teasing some images of the game for the less fortunate fans (less fortunate because of not being able to join the beta yet).

Anyhow, the images in question were shown off by some of the developers while hyping up the Beta Tour, and include one for the Gears of War 4 Swarm Drone which was shared by none other than Rod Fergusson.

The Studio Head of The Coalition took to his official Twitter profile with the image of the formidable character which looks like it was captured off a screen with his own mobile camera. Looks like folsk at The Coalition have been playing it a lot.

But that was not all, another one of The Coalition’s guys, Creative Director at The Coalition Vancouver Chuck Osieja, also took to Twitter with his own leaks.

Here are the two images that he and Rod Fergusson shared other than the Gears of War 4 Swarm Drone image that was shared by Fergusson.

Gears of War 4 is going to be the game that ushers the story into a new trilogy, most definitely revolving around Marcus Fenix’s son, JD, who is our protagonist in this one.