All Future Forza Games Will Release on PC and Xbox One

All future Forza games will now release on Xbox and Windows PC. That includes Forza Horizon 3 and Forza 7. Previously, Forza 6 Apex paved way for the series on PC and now Turn 10 has officially confirmed the entire series to be multi-platform.

Moving forward, all of our games are gonna be shipping on Windows 10 and Xbox,creative director Dan Greenawalt said.

Microsoft Xbox and Windows 10 are now a unified platform and many believe that all Xbox exclusives may come to PC. However, Phil Spencer made it clear to us that not all exclusives are coming to PC. It depends on the suitability of a certain game and they think Forza is suitable for PC.

Meanwhile, Halo 5 is not suitable for PC so it will remain exclusive to Xbox One for now. What’s interesting is that Aaron Greenberg has stated that Halo 6 may come to PC because Halo 5 was the last one to be published exclusively on Xbox.

Quantum Break has already made it to PC and rumor has it that Gears of War 4 may also come. What we understand from Spencer’s statement is that existing Xbox games might not come to PC so they would like to release games that are built for both platforms.

A question that comes to mind is that should PC exclusive games come to Xbox One? Well, Microsoft is considering mouse and keyboard support for Xbox One so why not? However, again it depends on the suitability of each title. Many may not be suitable for Xbox One even with mouse and keyboard support.