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The Division Incursion details Revealed, Gear Sets, New Challenges and More

Ubisoft will soon release the first major update to The Division, and held a livestream today on Twitch to show off The Division Incursion details, including the titular Incursion missions: The Division’s version of raids.

Those details are merely some of the content that was revealed during the livestream, which also included new gear, item trading, a spectator camera, and weekly assignments. These are not, however, downloadable content packs: Underground and Survival won’t be released yet.

The first Incursion, entitled “Falcon Lost,” brings to mind the Vault of Glass raid from Destiny, which was released a few weeks after the first-person shooter came out and until Year Two of the game presented a significant challenge to newcomers.

Falcon Lost is something like that; the developers recommended not trying to take it on until you were at least level 31 gear-wise. Even then the raid would be challenging: If your four-man party wipes, you’ll have to start all the way back at the beginning.

In the raid, you will fight the Last Man Battalion, which will also have access to vehicles. They’ve taken over a water plant, and you’ll need to infiltrate it underground in order to free it from their control.

The Division Incursion details also show that level 30 will be the last actual experience level: once you reach it, you’ll be going for Gear Level instead (again, bringing to mind Destiny and its “Light” system that came after you reached Level 20)

Falcon Lost will also have a harder difficulty, and the four new gear sets (and the bonuses they grant when you have each piece) are recommended to get you through it. These gear sets include the Path of the Nomad set (located in the Dark Zone and geared towards helping you there), the Sentry’s Call (helping with long-range fighting), the Striker’s Battle Gear (close-quarters), and the Technician’s Authority (for healing).

Doing Falcon Lost weekly will net you special rewards, but you can run it more than once a week to continue getting good gear.