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Dark Souls 3 Animation by Eli Roth is Expectedly Creepy

“Hostel” director and master of gore Eli Roth released a Dark Souls 3 animation today in anticipation for the Action RPG game, which released in Japan on March 24 and will release worldwide on April 12.

Animated by Six Point Harness animation studio, the short, entitled “The Witches,” is full of the sort of brutality that you might have come to expect from the Souls series, developed by From Software.

In the short, an anonymous warrior makes his way through dark caverns, harassed all the way by a trio of witches that attempt to force him to drink some kind of potion in their cauldron.

It definitely takes place in the world of Dark Souls: Whether through a literal case of “skeletons in the closet” or a family of three that hung themselves (with their decayed skeletons still hanging from their nooses), or a giant wall of fire roasting three deer into nothing but bones, Roth has definitely used the Dark Souls 3 animation to the best of his abilities.