Shadow of the Beast Release Date Confirmed, Almost Ready

After rumours surfaced a month ago, Shadow of the Beast release date of May 17 has now been confirmed by Playstation themselves as the day we will get our hands on the brutal action-arcade adventure Shadow of the Beast.

Shadow of the Beast is a remake of the 1989 classic of the same name, popularised mainly by the Commodore Amiga. The composer of the 1989 version has come back 27 years later to work on the score for this brand new version as well. Developed by Heavy Spectrum Entertainment Labs, the player controls Aarbron, a human child that has been magically corrupted over time into a grotesque Warrior as a servant of evil.

The game is a PS4 exclusive and has been in development for a few years now, after its initial announcement at Gamescon 2013. The developers have confirmed that all the work is now done on Shadow of the Beast, other than the quality assurance work and bug-fixing.

The game relies heavily on reflexes and swift fighting, so Heavy Spectrum are proud to say that their game runs at a solid 60fps throughout. Combos are essential to attain the highest scores and the inclusion of leaderboards will keep players coming back for more to top their own and their friends’ high scores.

Shadow of the Beast has upheld the 2D perspective from the original but with 3D animations and characters as expected in 2016, with the notorious difficulty also upstanding should you wish to test yourself. The game is available for pre-order now, and doing so will net you an exclusive dynamic theme for your PS4 designed by an artist from the original game.

Are you going for Shadow of the Beast Release Date purchase or you will be picking it up at some later stage? Tell us in the comments below.