Scalebound Release Date Pushed back to 2799 (Not)

If you’re one of the many people that are eagerly awaiting Platinum Games’s next hit title, you, and your descendants, are going to be waiting a very long time. According to the game’s release date information on the Xbox One store, the Scalebound release date has been pushed back to December 31…2799.

Fortunately, the obvious glitch has been amended, and instead we’ll be looking forward to seeing Scalebound release some time next year, which was announced in early January when Platinum said the game would be pushed back from the earlier Scalebound release date, which would have been in late 2016.

The character action game, Platinum’s speciality genre, will focus around a teenage boy named Drew, who finds himself in the mystical land of Draconis. Here he meets a massive dragon named Thuban, and the two become bonded to one another, giving Drew abilities as they fight to protect Draconis, Earth, and a number of other parallel worlds.

The game, which first debuted at the Xbox conference at E3 2014, is set to be a mix of both the character action genre and role-playing. Thuban can be customized in shape and appearance, and both level up to gain new abilities.

Thuban and Drew will be battling both human and human-sized enemies along with giant monsters, which both can tackle at the same time. Players will want to be careful, though; if either Drew or Thuban dies, the other does as well.

The game will also have a multiplayer component tying into the story, where your Drew and Thuban can fight alongside the Drews and Thubans of other players to help fight monsters that would normally be too big for just one pair to tackle.

While the fact that the true Scalebound release date will not be in nearly 700 years, it doesn’t change the fact that Platinum fans will still need to wait another year before we can finally get our hands on the game.