Rocket League Introduces Basketball with Dunk Mode

As hinted at earlier this month Rocket League is looking to expand upon its incredibly successful model so far by adding another sport into the chaos. Following soccer and hockey, basketball will be making an appearance in April through the brand new Dunk Mode.

Arriving for free via an update to the game, the new mode will require you to score points through an aerial horizontal hoop at the opposition’s end of the map. This means using an original style of play to enable the ball to boost up into the air before scoring, as opposed to keeping the ball low as per the vanilla game.

The news was once again announced through Twitter with a short clip of a car ‘dunking’ the ball through the hoop.

Rocket League was released for Xbox One this year following its success on PS4 and PC, with a recent update for the Microsoft version fixing many errors players were experiencing. Earlier this month the game registered one million unique players already for the Xbox One version alone, and with cross-network play already announced for the game this number could significantly rise as the year goes on.

If you are one of the few people to have not experienced Rocket League yet then it is a mash-up of racing cars and soccer with two teams attempting to score more goals than the opposition. The premise is simple but the execution is anything but, with mastery of the gameplay a seemingly impossible challenge. The enjoyment however never stops even if you have no interest in sport or cars, so with Dunk Mode and cross-network play on its way then picking up Rocket League now is a better time than ever.