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Rainbow Six Siege Update 2.3 Tweaks Operators, Ranked Matchmaking

Ubisoft will release a new Rainbow Six Siege Update today and it is a significant one. It will make tweaks to operators and ranked matchmaking. Rainbow Six Siege update 2.3 will release today for PC and on April 5 for consoles.

Many reconnection bugs are fixes in addition to forcing player commitment during ranked matches.

Buck’s Skeleton Key in action, both before (top) and after Patch 2.3.

  • That’s just the beginning of Patch 2.3’s long list of tweaks, which include new spawn-killing countermeasures, matchmaking and hit-registration improvements, and more:

Ranked reconnection mechanics have been improved

  • Multiple reconnection bugs have been fixed. In most cases, when players disconnect involuntarily, the reconnection flow does not function as intended. We’re pushing lots of fixes in this update that we believe should address the biggest part of those bugs. We will keep monitoring and pushing this further.
    The reconnection flow has been reworked to triggered more frequently and easier to access. Our objective is to let players reconnect to their Ranked matches as long as they’re still running and encourage players to play them till the end.
  • Reconnection now possible in all circumstances: the new flow will allow players to reconnect no matter how they got disconnected – even if they left for the main menu or quit the game.
  • Force player commitment to Ranked matches: if a player leaves a Ranked match that is still ongoing, he or she will not be able to queue for another Ranked match. Selecting “Ranked” in the Multiplayer menu will reconnect him or her to the ongoing match, instead of launching matchmaking for a new one.
  • Abandon penalty to be re-evaluated: if a player leaves a Ranked match and fails to reconnect before it ends, they will get the already existing abandon penalty, which prevents from queuing for Ranked matches for 8 minutes. Note that we do not think this punishment is strong enough to be fully effective, and we intend on increasing it in the future – but we need the reconnect system to be satisfactory before we can move to this step.

That’s was all from the latest Rainbow Six Siege update.