Pokemon Sun and Moon: Top 8 Changes We’d Like to See

Pokemon Sun and Moon is coming to Nintendo 3DS this holiday, and it’s hard not to be excited. It’s going to be hours of more gym battles and search for legendary Pokemon that you can then show off to friends.

Despite the hype and anticipation, we feel there are a few things that really need to be changed in the franchise. A new Pokemon game is the best time to do them. Here are top 8 changes we want to see in Pokemon Sun and Moon:

Top 8 Pokemon Sun and Moon Changes

Save Files
It’s really time we got some extra save files. There are more than just a handful of Pokemon players who have had their save files accidentally overwritten when lending it to someone else, or have seen it corrupted somehow conveniently after grabbing a legendary Pokemon.

It’s time we saw some extra save file slots in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Besides, in addition to giving our campaign an extra bit of security, it would also allow players to try different choices in the game.

Yes, it could potentially impact Pokemon trading, but there’s surely a simple implementation Nintendo could make to prevent saved files from being abused in this respect.

The Story
Anyone who has played a single Pokemon game basically knows how the rest of them are going to play out. Yes, there will be new locations and all, but the progression is almost always the same.

You start off as a nobody kid who chooses a Pokemon, fight your way through eight gyms, defeat the Elite Four, battle your rival several times, and eventually become a Pokemon Master.

It’s an admittedly fun formula, but it’s getting boring. There’s a need to refresh things; add in optional side quests, unconventional story routes, and perhaps a nice plot twist here and there to really make the experience feel slightly different from what we’ve been getting for the past two-and-a-half decades.

Starter Pokemons Need to Change
Charmander, Squirtle, or Bulbasaur? Even though it hasn’t always been those three primes, it is always a choice between Fire, Water, and Grass type Pokemon at the start.

Come on man, it’s time to give us something different now. There’s only so much one can do differently with three limited options at the start (and barely anyone chooses Grass). It’s just not fun. Why not let us choose other types, such as Ghost, Fighting, Earth. Heck, I’d be perfectly happy if we acquired an Eevee and could later transform it into any one of the evolutions we like.

For the sake of everything that is Pokemon, give us something different to start with this time around!

Make the Game More Challenging
Yeah, it’s not a hard game… at all. Pokemon games have mainly been about the quest to find the rarest of the creatures and show off your impressive collection, but the game’s campaign hardly ever challenges you.

The difficult needs to be upped a bit. Perhaps adding a detrimental factor like perma-death wouldn’t be a bad idea (although it would be against the philosophy of the franchise).

A more reasonable alternative would be long-term injuries to your Pokemon ala XCOM 2, which would not only encourage you to diversify your squad, but also prevent players from overpowering and relying on just one or two Pokemons. It would certainly add depth to the gameplay mechanics.

Make Competitive Play More Accessible
What makes Pokemon games cool is how you’ve been able to battle against friends as well as strangers from around the world. However, the system has a few mechanics that are largely questionable and unbalance competitive play.

We’re talking about stats called Individual Values (IV) and Effort Values (EV). These stats completely change the way your Pokemon behaves, which means a level 100 Pikachu can actually easily defeat another level 100 Pikachu simply because of better IVs and EVs.

Add in stuff like breeding, different natures, and items and you make things even more complex. The competitive play becomes less about the skills and intelligent use of Pokemon ability, and about how you developed a certain Pokemon instead.

It’s not to say these mechanics shouldn’t be ditched entirely, but they do need to become more balanced. It would make competitive play more fun and understood more easily by most.

Improve the Pokemon Storage System
How awesome is it that you can transfer Pokemon you’ve caught in the wild to a computer. We’ve seen plenty of such cool in-game inventions pop up like that, but why can’t you do the reverse when you’re walking about?

You should be able to swap Pokemon from the storage on the go, because technology. Also, it simply makes it more convenient, especially if they do implement a special long-term injury type of mechanic as discussed above.

Hidden Machines
Ah yes, these pesky things are actually quite useful because they prevent you from progressing to areas that you’re not ready to travel to. Despite their effectiveness in channeling your progression, they are an absolute nuisance.

The reason? Well, how many times have you had to forcefully sacrifice a skill slot just so your grass Pokemon could use Cut to get past that tree? Yeah, Cut isn’t very special or applicable during battle, so it completely wastes one valuable slot.

It’d be better if you acquired a Pokemon who just knew the ability innately, or if the move was simply replaceable whenever you wanted. A better suggestion would be to simply make such skills occupy a slot completely separate from your main skill slot.

Character Customization
Last but not least, it’s about time we were allowed to customize our own character at the start! We’re not playing as an vital character in the Pokeverse, so why not just let us choose our own looks for the rest of the game at the start?

It would add nice depth and appeal, and would definitely give each player his/her own unique avatar when battling against other players. It’s a cool idea that’s simple to implement, and almost mandatory nowadays in most RPG games. Make it happen!